AQR Insight Award

You are invited to submit a paper for the 2014 AQR Insight Award. A $100,000 prize will be awarded to the most important unpublished finance paper that provides significant, novel, practical solutions for institutional investors and financial advisors. The judges will have discretion to select up to three papers to share the prize.



The annual AQR Insight Award, sponsored by AQR Capital Management, recognizes and rewards important, unpublished papers that provide the most significant new practical insights for institutional investors and Registered Investment Advisors. Up to three papers share a $100,000 prize.


As members of a global investment-management firm that is rooted in academia but executes in the real world, we at AQR Capital Management read a lot of academic finance papers. The ones that get our attention are hard-hitting, with application to the real-word challenges our investors face. The winners always deliver on three challenges: What’s groundbreaking? What’s actionable? And what holds up to rigorous review?


We are open to papers on any investment-related topic — such as asset allocation, security selection, portfolio construction or risk management — as long as they deliver clear, significant insights for asset managers.


$100,000, to be shared among as many as three winners at the sole discretion of the judges. Paper submission deadline is January 15, 2014. As many as five finalists will be invited to present their research to AQR’s judges and select guests in Greenwich, Connecticut, with all expenses paid.


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Deadline for paper submissions is 12 midnight EST on January 15, 2014.

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Gregor Andrade, Ph.D. (AQR Principal, former finance professor at Harvard Business School)


Cliff Asness, Ph.D. (AQR Managing and Founding Principal)


Andrea Frazzini, Ph.D. (AQR Principal, former finance professor at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business and former NBER Research Associate)


Jacques Friedman (AQR Principal)


Marco Hanig, Ph.D. (AQR Principal and President of AQR Funds)


Brian Hurst (AQR Principal)


Antti Ilmanen, Ph.D. (AQR Principal)


Ronen Israel (AQR Principal)


David Kabiller, CFA (AQR Founding Principal and Head of Business Development)


Michael Katz, Ph.D. (AQR Principal)


John Liew, Ph.D. (AQR Founding Principal)


Michael Mendelson (AQR Principal)


Mark Mitchell, Ph.D. (CNH Partners Founding Principal and former finance professor at Harvard Business School and the University of Chicago Booth School of Business)


Tobias Moskowitz, Ph.D. (Fama Family Professor of Finance at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business, NBER Research Associate and consultant to AQR)


Lars Nielsen (AQR Principal)


Yao Hua Ooi (AQR Principal)


Lasse H. Pedersen, Ph.D. (AQR Principal, John A. Paulson Professor of Finance and Alternative Investments at the NYU Stern School of Business and Research Associate at CEPR and NBER)


Todd Pulvino, Ph.D. (CNH Partners Founding Principal and former member of the finance faculty at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management)

Andrew Sterge, Ph.D. (AQR Vice President)



The prize is funded by AQR Capital Management, a $90.2 billion asset management firm based in Greenwich, CT. For more information on AQR, visit

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