In 1998, we set out to apply our academic research to solve client problems in new and innovative ways. Our 20th anniversary is an opportunity to recognize how far we’ve come as a firm, and all that we have ahead of us.

20 for TWENTY

20 for Twenty commemorates AQR’s anniversary with a collection of 20 papers that have formed the backbone of our investment philosophy.

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AQR 20th anniversary
A History of AQR

A History of AQR shares the story of the firm over the past two decades, from its early days as a start-up hedge fund to becoming a global leader in asset management.

Cliff Asness, AQR
Cliff's Perspective: Our 20th Anniversary Anthology

Cliff introduces AQR’s 20th anniversary anthology, a collection of 20 papers that we’re collectively most proud of and that we think best sum up our work.

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