Summer Internships

Each summer, AQR welcomes Undergrad, Masters and PhD students to a 10-week summer internship program designed to provide an exceptional learning experience. The internship program is an immersion in AQR values, providing interns with the opportunity to learn through Quanta Academy, collaborate with peers, and demonstrate their abilities through the projects assigned to them.

The program focuses on the following key elements:

Learning: Quanta Academy Summer Term provides interns with a curriculum that includes classes ranging from understanding AQR to group specific training, led by internal and external faculty.

Collaboration: Interns work on a summer-long project that allows them to collaborate with colleagues at all levels across AQR and to present their work at the conclusion of the program.

Mentorship & Feedback: Managers and mentors provide interns with ongoing guidance and feedback to help them succeed in their endeavors.

Culture: The AQR intern experience includes networking activities and events, culminating in the annual Innovation Competition, a popular event that highlights the firm’s culture of innovation, problem solving and sharing insights.

Exceptional performance during the summer internship often results in an offer of full-time employment upon graduation.

Internships are available in the following businesses:
Business Development, Engineering, Portfolio Implementation, Portfolio Finance, Research, Risk and Trading.