We believe that merging economic theory with real-world practice is the best way to become smarter investors. That’s why we partnered with London Business School to form the AQR Asset Management Institute. Our program brings together academics, practitioners, policymakers and regulators to tackle the global investment community’s greatest challenges.

The AQR Asset Management Institute fosters a unique dialogue between thinkers and doers. Through our panels and speaking events, we take on complex questions: How should we measure and manage systemic risk? How will global economies respond to Brexit? What’s the true value of private equity in a portfolio? Here, our diverse audience can discuss timely research and trends, and learn strategies for implementing those insights in portfolios.

Of course, students are part of the Institute’s mission. We support future leaders by awarding young researchers and students for academic and research excellence.

AQR Asset Management Institute Scholar Awards:
  • MBA, £10,000
  • EMBA, £10,000
  • MiF, £10,000
AQR Asset Management Institute Fellowship Award, £10,000

AQR Asset Management Institute Young Researcher Award, £20,000

We were drawn to creating a premier academic venue that would foster thought leadership and promote excellence in asset management. The AQR Institute will bring together scholars and industry-leading practitioners to produce original research and identify best practices from a global perspective.

David G. Kabiller