Introducing “Words From the Wise” Interview Series

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Introducing “Words From the Wise” Interview Series

I have long been appreciative of those pioneers who have been instrumental in advancing our understanding of investing by conducting, and most importantly sharing, their research and insights. By taking the time to make their research and ideas accessible to a wider audience, they have given us all the opportunity to become better investors. Today, with the launch of “Words From the Wise” interview series, we continue to learn from industry leaders and benefit from their experiential wisdom.

With this occasional interview series, we tap some of the greatest minds in the investment industry. We seek their perspectives, lessons learned, and insights into the very best ideas of relevance to investors — and to discover how their knowledge might be harnessed to address global challenges confronting investors today.

I am quite pleased to launch this series with a discussion featuring industry veteran Marty Leibowitz. I, and I think all of us, have learned so much from Marty’s deep involvement in our profession over the last four-plus decades. If any of us today can add to our knowledge of finance, it is only because we stand on the shoulders of giants. Marty is such a giant, and a very appropriate person to inaugurate our effort.

As always, let us know what you think.