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Quick Clips: (Car)Bon Voyage

Adoption of ESG investment principles is a global trend for investors. While different regions are in various stages of implementation, we see a consistent theme: the reduction of carbon emissions in portfolios, some with the stated goal of getting to “net zero.” But how do we get there and how long could it take?

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Quick Clips: Tax Aware Alternatives

Hear from Ted Pyne, Head of AQR’s U.S. Wealth Group, on the potential benefits of tax aware alternatives for U.S. taxable investors.

Quick Clips: Still Dislocated? AQR's Arbitrage Outlook

The sharp deleveraging across arbitrage markets in March 2020 was followed by very strong performance in 2H 2020. In our recent webinar and summary, we review what drove last year’s returns in SPACs, convertibles and mergers, and discuss why we are optimistic about the outlook for 2021 and beyond.


Game On: Social Networks and Markets

This paper studies how echo-chamber effects and fake news can lead to disagreement and misinformation with effects on investors’ portfolios and market prices. It presents a model how an investment idea can propagate through a social network, generating a trading frenzy with high turnover, a bubble in the price, and high price volatility. The paper also presents empirical evidence on the dramatic events related to the GameStop stock in January 2021 and discusses broader economic implications.