Alternative Investing

Words From the Wise: An AQR Interview with Ed Thorp

We sat down with Ed Thorp, a pioneer in the mathematical analysis of casino games and investing, to get his insights on an array of topics from casino gambling to quantitative investing.

Market Risk and Efficiency

Still Not Cheap: Portfolio Protection in Calm Markets (Supplement)

A supplement to our paper that investigates the relationship between option richness and volatility across 10 global equity indices.


How Much Should DC Savers Worry About Expected Returns? (Supplement)

A supplement to our paper about what defined contribution savers need to know about long-term market forecasts.


Exploring Macroeconomic Sensitivities (Supplement)

A supplement to our paper about the challenges of forecasting economic and market conditions.


Balancing on the Life Cycle: Target Date Funds Need Better Diversification (Supplement)

A supplement to our paper about traditional life-cycle strategies, which have some serious shortcomings.


Risk and Return of Equity Index Collar Strategies (Supplement)

A supplement to our paper on equity index collar strategies, which are often perceived as a way for investors, at little to no cost, to exchange some upside exposure for reduced losses on the downside.

Factor/Style Investing

The Death of Diversification Has Been Greatly Exaggerated (Supplement)

A supplement to our award-winning paper about how asset-class correlations generally tend to rise during crises.

Factor/Style Investing

Fact, Fiction and Momentum Investing (Supplement)

A supplement to our paper on momentum investing strategies and the myths around them.

Behavioral Finance

Bad Habits and Good Practices (Supplement)

A supplement to our article about the habits that may hinder long-term investment performance: multiyear return chasing, under-diversification and comfort seeking.

Factor/Style Investing

Smart Beta: Not New, Not Beta, Still Awesome (Supplement)

A supplement to our paper about how the term “smart beta” (including “Fundamental Indexing”) is just a new way to describe some well-known and well-tested investment ideas.