Macro Wrap-Up

Sweden's Noll Hypothesis

This week's Wrap-Up examines monetary policy in Sweden. It may not win the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel, but it will explain why the Riksbank is becoming arguably the most important central bank in the world for investors to follow.


New Year, Same Econo-me

This week we look at the most important macro themes of the past year. It’s like one of those old sitcom episodes with five minutes of new scenes cut between twenty five minutes of flashbacks from the rest of the season.


Deficitly Maybe

Deficit spending during times of low unemployment is like getting a stationary bike from your government as a gift. Initially it makes you nervous, but you find it slowly starts to boost economic growth. You don't realize how much it changes markets. It's not clear yet if investors should thank the government.


At Any Rate

This week we look at negative rates from a different perspective. Rather than evaluate their effectiveness as a policy tool or their economic impact, we try to answer one question: why would anyone buy a negative yielding bond?