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Responsible Asset Selection: ESG in Portfolio Decisions


Topics - ESG Investing

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Responsible Asset Selection: ESG in Portfolio Decisions
  • Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations are an increasingly important input in investors’ portfolio decisions. We discuss how these considerations may be incorporated in a portfolio and how they may affect risk and return outcomes.
  • ESG is a broad term that many investors may define differently. Thus, we begin by outlining a framework designed to clarify how ESG may enter an investment process.
  • We focus here on security selection, highlighting the distinction between using ESG signals to enhance the investment view of a security’s risk or return potential and incorporating explicit non-investment objectives into a portfolio.
  • Finally, we leverage a recently developed ESG-efficient frontier framework to show how ESG integration and screening lend themselves to a quantitative investment process and to quantify their expected impact on performance in several practical applications.


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We thank Paras Bakrania, Lukasz Pomorski, and Alex Sanborn for their work on this paper. We also thank Jordan Brooks, Antti Ilmanen, Thomas Maloney, Toby Moskowitz, Chris Palazzolo, Lasse Pedersen, Scott Richardson, and Dan Villalon for their helpful comments and Ing-Chea Ang and Jatin Bhatia for their excellent research assistance.



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