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Macro Wrap-Up

Battling the True Myths About the Chinese Economy

This week's Wrap-Up looks beneath the headlines as to what's going on in the Chinese economy.

Macro Wrap-Up

Just Happy It’s Over

This week we look at the market reaction to the U.S. election on Tuesday.


AQR Capital Management to Offer Investment Solutions and Services in Japan

AQR Capital Management, LLC (“AQR”) today announced that its affiliate, AQR International Ltd., has successfully completed its registration as a Financial Instruments Business Operator in Japan.

Working Paper

A Framework for Identifying Accounting Characteristics for Asset Pricing Models, with an Evaluation of Book-to-Price

We provide a framework for identifying accounting numbers that indicate risk and expected return.

Macro Wrap-Up

Yet Another Brexit Q&A

It might be hard to believe, but Brexit is still moving markets. This week's Wrap-Up answers all of your questions about the latest events in the negotiations between the U.K. and the EU.


Meet the Expert: Roni Israelov

AQR Principal Roni Israelov answers questions about the volatility risk premium (VRP), including how it is similar to other alternative risk premia and how AQR implements it.

Macro Wrap-Up

There’s Just This One Thing

Like a detective, this week's summary looks at the one thing that could lead to a prolonged downturn in asset prices.