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Macro Wrap-Up

Dollar Signs

Stocks are up, but the U.S. dollar is down against many other currencies. Does it feel like the dollar does all of the work but gets none of the credit? This week we look at the unbalanced relationship between U.S. equity markets and the dollar.


There Is No Size Effect: Daily Edition

We have written several pieces on the famous small-firm or size effect, the two most important being our study of the interaction of size and quality and a fairly comprehensive survey of all things size. This note focuses on daily instead of the longer-horizon data studied in these other papers and, while not changing the overall story, this leads to a powerful illustration of what’s going on in small stocks.

Macro Wrap-Up

Testing FAIT

Abe may not have invented flexible average inflation targeting, but Abenomics laid the groundwork for current monetary and fiscal policy around the world. In the wake of Abe’s resignation, we look at its lessons for investors and policymakers.

Working Paper

Integration of Income and Estate Tax Planning

Preservation and transfer of wealth to future generations is one of the central financial goals for most high-net-worth families. We show that a family that invests with income and estate tax efficiency in mind can achieve substantially higher wealth levels than a family oblivious to taxes.

Data Set

AQR Momentum Indices, Monthly

We have developed methodologies for U.S. and international markets that capture momentum in an intuitive and transparent way. The methodology can be applied to any universe of stocks. We have included monthly data for our three momentum indices here.

Macro Wrap-Up

Mining the Gold Data

Everyone seems to love gold these days. We look at gold’s performance in different economic environments and how the past may not be a perfect guide to how gold will perform in the future.

Macro Wrap-Up

That's When It Became Personal

Is the Fed like Mike? Not really, but they both have trademark reaction functions. Does this mean that rates will be soaring like Air Jordan or stuck in the paint?

Data Set

How Do Factor Premia Vary Over Time? A Century of Evidence, Factor Data Monthly

This is the updated data set related to the paper “How Do Factor Premia Vary Over Time? A Century of Evidence,” in which we examine four prominent factor premia – value, momentum, carry, and defensive – over a century from six asset classes.

Data Set

Time Series Momentum: Factors, Monthly

We have updated and extended our data set for “Time Series Momentum" (Moskowitz, Ooi and Pedersen, 2012), in which we document an asset-pricing anomaly that is consistent across different asset classes and markets. We update the returns monthly.

Macro Wrap-Up

The Plot Thickens...

Markets don’t always make sense. This week, we try to fill in some of the plot holes using economic forecasts.