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Journal Article

Markets in Crisis

History has not dealt kindly with investors in the aftermath of protracted periods of low-risk premiums.

Journal Article

Where Will Fiscal Stimulus Lead G7 Economies?

The Great Recession has produced a decline of $10 trillion in U.S. household wealth alone. Will the fiscal stimulus by G7 countries guarantee a return to growth, or will the cost of it impede recovery and hamper medium-term prospects?

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The Future of Life-Cycle Saving and Investing

Life-cycle finance is the branch of finance that affects everyone.

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The Pitfalls of Leveraged and Inverse ETFs

As market volatility reaches historic highs, investors have responded in various ways, including investing in funds that aim to deliver returns that are either a positive or inverse multiple of a stated index.

Journal Article

A Dynamic Future for Active Quant Management

Quantitative investment managers analyze mountains of data over time to find statistically significant deviations from the norm, and then devise methods to harvest expected returns as asset prices revert to the mean.


Global Perspectives on Investment Management: Learning From the Leaders

This book features an array of perspectives from financial industry luminaries to cover topics at the forefront of the global asset management industry, including risk management and ethics.


Benjamin Graham: Building a Profession

Benjamin Graham is widely known as the father of value investing and mentor to legendary investor Warren Buffett. This collection of Graham's writings and expert interviews offers valuable perspectives on investing and financial markets.


Bold Thinking on Investment Management

In this anthology, which provides the collective wisdom of some of the best minds in the investment industry, AQR co-founder Cliff Asness recounts what investors learned from the great stock market bubble that popped early in the new millennium.


Challenges and Innovation in Hedge Fund Management

The increasing institutionalization of hedge funds brings with it many challenges. AQR's Cliff Asness provides an assessment of key issues that arise as a consequence, focusing on the areas of benchmarking, transparency, fees, and risk management.


Words From the Wise: An AQR Interview with Ed Thorp

We sat down with Ed Thorp, a pioneer in the mathematical analysis of casino games and investing, to get his insights on an array of topics from casino gambling to quantitative investing.