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  1. We document strong and consistent abnormal returns to quality stocks — those of companies that are profitable, growing and well managed.

  2. In this briefing for Financial Advisors, we discuss how to help investors set long-term goals.

  3. We study the sensitivity of major asset class premia and style premia to macroeconomic environments such as growth, inflation, real yields, volatility and illiquidity.

  4. In this briefing for Financial Advisors, we discuss how to tailor alternative investment strategies to each investor’s particular comfort level of volatility.

  5. We address four questions: Why invest in style premia? Which styles and why? How to invest in style premia? What are the challenges to adopting style investing?

  6. We propose a diversified and disciplined long/short equity strategy designed to better manage risk while seeking to maximize returns.

  7. This paper shows how risk parity could outperform equity-risk strategies in the long run, even during a prolonged period of rising rates.

  8. This paper presents AQR’s thinking on how to choose alternative investments, how to allocate assets to them, and when to change that allocation.

  9. We provide background and economic intuition behind value-, momentum- and profitability-based investing, and we examine their performance.

  10. We reflect on how to achieve "the 5% solution" within liquid markets, as well as expected returns, portfolio construction and risk control.