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  1. The market has voted clearly that large, regulated financial institutions should die, and that people should find new ways of doing financial business.

  2. A review of Stumbling on Wins by David Berri and Martin Schmidt, in which the authors, both economics professors claim to apply economic reasoning to issues in sports. They fail.

  3. Instead of encouraging diversity and innovation in finance, most changes proposed and adopted after the financial crisis tended only to add to uniformity.

  4. Will the current aggressive stimulus generate the necessary growth to improve our fiscal stability going forward?

  5. It is critical to understand how return volatility adversely affects returns on leveraged and inverse exchange-traded funds.

  6. Leading academics propose ways to regulate hedge funds that generate systemic risk that imposes externalities on the financial system.

  7. In an interview conducted near the nadir of the economic crisis of 2008, John C. Bogle discusses the global market crisis and his outlook for the future of the global economy.

  8. There’s a lot of superstition in banking and macroeconomics, a lot of jargon that translates to “I don’t know what’s going on, pay me lots of money for my advice anyway,” and a lot of blatant self-interest, thinly disguised as rational policy.

  9. January 01, 2009

    Fischer Black taught us to assume rationality and equilibrium, to exploit technology, to avoid complex assumptions, and to respect evidence, then to figure out what to do.

  10. The collective invention of Value at Risk was a seminal event in the rise of quantitative finance.