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  1. Although front and back offices use the same word, “risk,” they use it with respect to different underlying concepts.

  2. Life-cycle finance addresses some key questions for investors: How much should I save? How much can I spend each year when I retire? How do I make sure I do not outlive my savings?

  3. Is reputational risk management just a euphemism for cowardice?

  4. January 01, 2007

    We still use “contagion” when lots of (usually bad) things happen around the same time and we aren’t sure of the relations among them. This usage is bad risk management for three reasons.

  5. This textbook seeks to explain how recent advances in optimization models, methods and software can be applied to solve problems in computational finance more efficiently and accurately.

  6. Why does finance have such disreputable associates? In addition to gambling and drinking, they include slavery, drug dealing, piracy, smuggling, and war.

  7. A review of Three Puzzles of Game Theory, an unfinished book by the economist Michael Bacharach, an original and unconventional thinker, that was published posthumously.

  8. A review of Nassim Taleb’s book The Black Swan, which “will be a powerful force in shaping public attitudes toward quantitative finance.”

  9. We lack any useful theory of corporate governance, mergers and acquisitions; all we know about capital structure is that it doesn’t matter (but it does); and what we think we know about capital budgeting is wrong.

  10. Twenty-one notable investors, including Bill Miller, Peter L. Bernstein and Abby Joseph Cohen, write about changes in the investment management field.