Short films on our investment strategies and practices, as well as our history and culture.

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  1. In this video, AQR Principal Antti Ilmanen, author of the highly praised book Expected Returns, lays out the three pillars on which investors should build expectations for returns on their portfolios.

  2. In this video, AQR Principal Gregor Andrade explains how to find and evaluate an alternative-investment manager.

  3. In this video, AQR Founder John M. Liew talks about how AQR combines economic intuition with rigorous empirical testing in developing its investment strategies.

  4. In this video, AQR Principal Yao Hua Ooi discusses one approach to pursuing equity-like returns with less volatility: trend following investing.

  5. In this video, AQR Principal Lasse H. Pedersen, who also teaches at New York University and Copenhagen Business School, talks about how value investing and quality investing have performed since Ben Graham and David Dodd wrote about them in their famous book Security Analysis in 1934.

  6. AQR Founder John M. Liew discusses how his lifelong passion for research has affected the way that he and his fellow cofounder have consciously shaped AQR’s culture. Actively conducting research themselves and encouraging others — both inside and outside the firm — to do the same is a fundamental part of how AQR operates. "One of the things that's unique about AQR is we maintain a very high level of engagement with the academic community," he says.