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Working Paper

Levering Up to Do Good: Direct Long-Short Investing and Charitable Giving

We use historical strategy simulations to evaluate the advantages of donating appreciated stock in the context of tax-aware long-short factor strategies. We find long-short strategies exhibit several advantages over long-only investments.

Tax Matters

A 3-for-1 Solution for Concentrated Stock

Long/short tax-aware factor strategies may provide the means to offset gains resulting from a transition from a concentrated stock to a diversified portfolio.

Tax Matters

AQR Factor Research Papers Win Prestigious Academic Awards

Factor investing (combined with tax-aware implementation) can offer investors substantial rewards in the form of both pre-tax returns and tax benefits. Two papers by our colleagues recently won highly prestigious awards from top academic and practitioner journals for their research on factor investing, demonstrating our commitment to top-notch factor research.

Working Paper

Combining VPFs and Tax-Aware Strategies to Diversify Low-Basis Stock

We illustrate how combining VPFs (variable prepaid forwards) with tax-aware strategies can help diversify low-basis stock and thereby improve after-tax wealth accumulation. Long-run after-tax wealth outcomes are significantly better when a VPF is combined with tax-aware long-short factor strategies rather than with other alternatives, such as a direct-indexing strategy or a market index fund.

Tax Matters

Making VPFs Work Harder for You

There is a range of solutions aimed at reducing the risk of concentrated stock tax-efficiently: completion portfolios, exchange funds, charitable giving, just to name a few. But for some investors, Variable Prepaid Forwards (VPFs ) are a favorite. It’s not hard to see why.

Tax Matters

The Enduring Appeal of Gain Deferral, Part 2

Our previous post showed the power of deferral for building wealth, but one key assumption in that analysis was that tax rates remain constant. In this post, we discuss whether gain deferral is still a good idea if you think tax rates might be higher in the future.

Tax Matters

The Enduring Appeal of Gain Deferral, Part 1

We find that strategies that help defer gains can be highly beneficial, irrespective of the investment horizon and especially over the long term.

Tax Matters

Inflation and Tax Efficiency

We discuss how inflation and taxes are linked, highlighting the value of tax efficiency when inflation is a feature of the macroeconomic environment.

Tax Matters

Looking Under the Hood of Long/Short Tax-Aware Strategies

Our recent paper discusses gain deferral and the benefits of tax-aware long/short equity factor strategies. It also suggests that when it comes to a diversified long/short equity factor strategy, the difference between a portfolio that cares about taxes and one that doesn’t may be smaller than you think.

Journal Article

Loss Harvesting or Gain Deferral? A Surprising Source of Tax Benefits of Tax-Aware Long-Short Strategies

We explore the mechanism for how tax-aware long-short factor strategies, within their first three years since inception, can realize cumulative net capital losses exceeding 100% of initially invested capital, all while generating a significant pre-tax alpha – a result shown in previous research. Surprisingly, we find in these strategies that net capital losses arise not from an increased realization of capital losses but rather from the deferral of capital gains, especially short-term gains on long positions.