We evolve as a firm when we inspire and challenge our people. QU∀NTA Academy is our professional and personal growth program that puts our passion for lifelong education into action. Every year, we offer hundreds of QU∀NTA classes, events, and speakers for employees at all levels. We host academic debates, explore new technologies, and delve into cutting-edge research. We spark creativity and self-discovery through talks and clubs. Whether sharpening skills or expanding horizons, QU∀NTA Academy helps our people discover their full potential.



QU∀NTA’s Research Colloquium series and Tech Talks keep our people at the forefront of their fields. We invite authors of published papers to explain their findings and provide insight on how to apply their research day to day.



Building a vibrant career takes time and the right tools. We support our employees with professional development, from building workplace relationships to management excellence. New hires get started with “First Semester at AQR,” a series of courses that lays the foundation for working at our firm.



Imagine a workplace where discussing literary greats like Tolstoy is encouraged, where speakers give talks on mindfulness and facilitate critical thinking on a diverse set of topics.


Learning is a journey we embark upon together. It helps us grow as individuals and as a firm, and creates a rich culture of innovation and excellence.

David Kabiller, AQR

David G. Kabiller

  • 300

    classes every year

  • 30+

    external faculty members

  • 90%

    employees attend courses

  • 40%

    AQR faculty are senior members of the firm