Value Investing

Value investing – buying securities that appear cheap relative to fundamentals – has a long history in financial markets. Explore our library of research on this famed topic.

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Macroeconomic Investing

Rapid economic growth accompanied by large increases in prices for many goods and services has led to unusually high level of uncertainty around inflation. This may prompt investors to question how different inflationary outcomes can impact their portfolio and what they can do to reduce their portfolio's sensitivity. To address investors' questions, we have rounded up some of our best thinking on the topic.

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Portfolio Construction

Diversification. Craftsmanship. What goes into building an effective portfolio? We’ve rounded up our best thinking on the topic.

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Bonds Today

With yields so low, can bonds still help investors achieve return objectives and diversify multi-asset class portfolios? To address these questions and more, we have written a series of papers in which we explore the role of bonds in these unprecedented times.

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Cliff's Perspectives


That’s It, That’s the Blog

They say a picture is worth 1000 words. I’m embracing the concept in this post, which is just a single graph presenting the value spread constructed using the methodology that most closely reflects how we actually view value at AQR. Spoiler alert: the spread continued to explode higher in 2021. Despite this, we still made some money on value this year, which makes us very excited for 2022 and beyond. Also, if we’re wrong, I think I can make an NFT of this graph and really cash in.

Cliff Asness, AQR

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