Asset Allocation

Asset Allocation in a Higher Rate World

Does a higher cash rate tide lift all asset boats? Or are some asset classes more attractive than others? In this Quick Take, we look at the implications for asset allocation in a higher rate world.

Alternative Investing

What to Expect from Your Diversifier

This Quick Take on diversifying alternatives tackles the question of what investors should expect from their diversifiers. In other words, how should something that’s supposed to behave differently than traditional asset classes actually behave?


Emerging Equities


Hear our quick take on emerging equities, where we’ll cover why – and why now – investors should consider re-visiting their allocations to this asset class.

Trend Following

Top Three Investment Ideas to Consider for 2023


Watch a Quick Take on our Portfolio Solutions Group’s top three investment ideas for 2023. 

Asset Allocation

Quick Clips: 2023 Capital Market Assumptions for Major Asset Classes

Hear from Pete Hecht and Thomas Maloney as they provide short soundbytes based on our Q1 2023 Capital Market Assumptions for Major Asset Classes

Quick Clips: Trend Following: Why Now? A Macro Perspective

Hear from Principal and Co-Head of Macro Strategies, Yao Hua Ooi, on how trend following strategies are a potentially valuable source of diversifying returns.

Portfolio Construction

Quick Clips: New Rules of Diversification

Hear from AQR's Portfolio Solutions Group on the the prospects for stock and bond markets, the impact of macroeconomic risks on a range of investments, and the use of diversifying investments to fortify portfolios.

Quick Takes

Quick Clips: Breaking Beta – Why and How to Diversify

AQR Principal and Global Co-Head of Portfolio Solutions Group, Dan Villalon, explains why the next one may disappoint—and what investors’ main options are to meet their return goals.

Portfolio Construction

Quick Clips: The Stock/Bond Correlation

For the past two decades, the stock/bond correlation (SBC) has been consistently negative, and investors have been able to rely on their bond investments for portfolio protection when equities sell off. However, macroeconomic changes – like heightened inflation risk – could push this key asset allocation input into positive territory.

Quick Takes

Quick Clips: Shorting in ESG Strategies

In recent years, increased emphasis on sustainability practices in the investment community have caused investors and asset managers to prioritize their Environmental, Social and Governance (“ESG”) efforts. Hear from AQR’s Head of ESG Strategy, Brad Jones, about how investors can use shorting to more strongly express ESG views and hedge climate risks.

Quick Takes

Quick Clips: Can Machine Learning Help Manage Climate Risks?

As climate change is becoming an increasingly observed phenomenon and understood to be caused by carbon and carbon-equivalent emissions, investors are adjusting their portfolios to prepare for a future regime shift to a lower-carbon economy.