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Interest Rate Limbo

We investigate why investors might want bonds in their portfolios, even in a low-yield environment.


How to Calculate Systemic Risk Surcharges

Many argue that financial regulation should focus on limiting systemic risk. This chapter examines one proposed regulatory idea: that each institution must face a "surcharge" based on the extent to which it is likely to contribute to systemic risk.

Macro Wrap-Up

China’s Current Account Endgame

As trade talks grind on, much of the market talk about China has been about short-term measures such as rate cuts and fiscal stimulus. Beneath this, some more important economic changes are occurring: China has gone from being one of the largest current account surplus countries in the world to being close to deficit. Find out why this is happening in this week’s Wrap Up.

Working Paper

Repeated Auctions With Endogenous Selling

Auction theory studies the expected revenue to an owner committed to selling—as when a government sells an oil field, where the sale decision is unrelated to its quality. This paper addresses questions raised by auctions where owners choose to sell.


Words From the Wise DB Plans Glossary

This appendix provides some terminology and key concepts as background for AQR's discussion with Martin Leibowitz of Morgan Stanley.

Working Paper

More Banks, Less Crime? The Real and Social Effects of Bank Competition

Using a unique sample of commercial loans and mergers between large banks, this paper provides microlevel (within-county) evidence linking credit conditions to economic development and finds a spillover effect on crime.

White Paper

Property Catastrophes and Equity Markets

Does investing in property catastrophe reinsurance as an asset class help diversify a portfolio from financial market risks? We examined data on the largest global property catastrophes to gain insight.

Working Paper

Embedded Leverage

Embedded leverage—the amount of market exposure per unit of committed capital—has become an important feature of financial instruments. We study embedded leverage in equity options, index options and ETFs, and how it affects the required returns.

Working Paper

The August of Our Discontent

The summer of 2007 caused some turmoil in the world of quantitative investing, leading to questions about quant investing in general and specific questions about what happened in July and August. We've tried to answer some of those questions here.

Working Paper

Stock Returns, Inflation and the Volatility of Growth in the Money Supply

A large body of work documents a negative relation between expected nominal stock returns and expected inflation in the U.S. and other developed countries. We think the volatility of expected growth in the money supply is a determinant of this relation.