Our investment philosophy is based on three core principles, built on decades of research and experience. By applying these principles, we seek to deliver sustainable, long-term value for our investors.

Fundamental Investing

We rely on sound economic theory and analysis to help us deliver long-term, repeatable results. 


Systematically Applied

A disciplined methodology underlies everything we do.  Our investment process, built over 20 years, is based on a continuous process of design, refine, test, repeat.  


Thoughtfully Designed

In portfolio construction, risk management and trading, we seek additional value for our clients. Using both qualitative and quantitative tools, we’re meticulous in every detail of the investment process.    


Risk Management

Our Risk Management team oversees all aspects of both financial and non-financial risks including Market and Liquidity Risk, Counterparty Risk, Model Risk, Operational Risk, and Technology Risk. The firm employs a robust Enterprise Risk framework, which provides for a strong governance structure and ensures independence in risk making decisions. We believe it’s important for Risk Management to interact closely with the Portfolio Management, Research, and Trading teams, working together in managing risk. Together, we aim to ensure that portfolios are manageable through sudden and severely adverse stress events.


For nearly two decades, our overall goal has been to build compelling and repeatable investments that are highly diversified across signals and regions, and within a risk-controlled framework.  We apply this systematic approach across our strategies, catering to the widespread investment needs of our clients.

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AQR has a long track record of managing the complexities of these types of strategies. By investing long and short, and balancing exposure to factors and asset classes, our alternative strategies are built to seek returns in both up and down markets. We offer both absolute return strategies, which target zero exposure to traditional markets, either at all times, or on average; and total return strategies, which maintain some exposure to traditional markets. 

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AQR is committed to helping our clients achieve their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. Our primary objective for considering ESG issues is improving the risk/return trade-off of our clients' investments. We provide investors a variety of options to achieve their ESG objectives. Find out more about our ESG solutions and philosophy.

ESG Strategies

Tax-Aware Investing

AQR’s tax-aware approach is informed by decades of research and experience managing traditional and alternative investment strategies. Our research has created new possibilities for U.S. taxable investors at the intersection of prudent investing, income tax planning, and estate tax planning. Learn more about our tax-aware approach and solutions

Investment Vehicles

AQR strategies are available in a variety of investment vehicles, from offshore limited partnerships to mutual funds and model portfolios.

Invest Vehicles

AQR does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. Investors should conduct his or her own analysis and consult with professional advisors prior to making any investment decisions. Diversification does not eliminate the risk of experiencing investment loss. Past performance is not a guarantee of future results. Investment process is subject to change.