Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

Experienced Professionals

AQR is always interested in people who demonstrate a high level of original thinking and intellectual curiosity. We consider candidates with professional experience in:

  • The Business Development group is primarily responsible for managing existing client relations, identifying and attracting new investors to AQR, and then managing those relationships on an on-going basis. The group includes members with a variety of backgrounds, including institutional money management, academic finance and investment consulting. This breadth of skills allows group members to provide prospects and clients not only with information on AQR as a business, but also detailed insight into investment process and implementation, current portfolio positioning and developments on the research front.

  • CNH Partners was founded in 2001 as a joint venture of AQR with Mark Mitchell and Todd Pulvino. The group focuses solely on portfolio management and research and development of arbitrage related strategies while AQR provides infrastructure support. Separate strategies managed by CNH are merger arbitrage, convertible arbitrage and diversified opportunities. CNH also sub-advises sleeves of AQR’s multi-strategy hedge funds that employ the same strategies. The initials "CNH" stem from Founding Principals Mitchell and Pulvino, who are former professors at University of Chicago, Northwestern University and Harvard University.

  • The firm operates in a highly regulated industry and is governed by an ever-increasing body of federal, state, and international laws, rules and regulations.  AQR’s Compliance group is responsible for ensuring the Firm’s adherence to not only its legal, regulatory and fiduciary requirements but also to the high ethical standards expected from all of its employees.  The Compliance group is responsible for the Firm’s compliance program including the administration of its Business Conduct Manual and Code of Ethics, development of policies and procedures, training and continuing compliance education, risk identification and providing guidance to the Firm’s business and operational units.  The Compliance group reinforces AQR’s commitment to a culture of compliance and is enhancing the Firm’s compliance program to adapt to a dynamic legal and regulatory environment.

  • Our Engineering team sits in Research at AQR and is responsible for the design, construction, optimization, and implementation of AQR’s global portfolios. We pride ourselves on creating an academic, collaborative, and intellectually inspiring atmosphere where we apply practical understanding to world markets. We believe in finding simple solutions to complex problems. We’re never short on groundbreaking ideas to explore and we realize that building a scalable and dynamic infrastructure is paramount to our success.

  • The Facilities group provides services which are critical to the well-being of the firm's employees. A number of functions and services the group executes on a regular basis are: building and vendor management, security and contingency planning, space and construction management, facilities and amenities, reception and administrative assistant support.

  • The Finance group is responsible for the maintenance of the financial records of the corporate entities of AQR. These records include the general ledger, financial statements, corporate tax information, including federal and state filings, financial contracts and regulatory filings. This group is also responsible for maintaining, or assisting in the maintenance of, relationships with vendors, clients, banks and various other counterparties of AQR. The functions of this group include Payroll, Accounts Payable, Treasury, Accounts Receivable, Internal and External Financial and Regulatory Reporting, Procurement and Tax.

  • AQR’s Global Alternative Premia (GAP) team is responsible for research and portfolio implementation of the firm’s alternative risk premia multi-strategies. GAP researchers, a number of whom are world-renowned academics in the field of style premia, are responsible for improving and developing investment processes by identifying new factors and enhancing the tools used to measure existing factors.

  • The Global Asset Allocation group primarily focuses on Portfolio Management and Research related to macro trading strategies. These include, but are not limited to, country and currency selection strategies, fixed income arbitrage strategies, commodities strategies and credit strategies. The group is responsible for the management of a number of AQR's hedge funds as well as the overlay portion of AQR's many international and global equity mandates.

  • The Global Stock Selection group is responsible for the portfolio management and research of AQR’s strategies relating to individual equities and equity related securities. GSS models are applied to market-neutral long/short portfolios in AQR hedge funds as well as to long-only, relaxed-constraint and low volatility portfolios for institutional equity mandates and mutual funds.

  • The Global Trading group is comprised of a 24-hour global trading desk operated in three main shifts: Asia, Europe and North America. The Trading group generally executes trades both electronically using proprietary developed algorithms as well as OTC trades executed competitively among multiple dealers. The team is further responsible for the management and oversight of broker dealer selection subject to the approval of the Counterparty Committee. Working in conjunction with Portfolio Management, Researchers, Operations, Legal and Credit, the Trading group seeks to develop and maintain an effective and scalable trade execution platform for all of the portfolios that AQR manages.

  • The Legal group works as an internal adviser providing oversight and counsel across all departments within the firm. The group is part of AQR's corporate governance structure and is responsible for monitoring new laws and changes to existing laws and communicating any relevant information to affected business units, and for providing guidance, advice and counsel on many business issues. The Legal group is involved in the negotiation of all contracts and the structuring of new products related to new lines of business. The Legal group liaises with AQR's clients (both active and prospective) and their legal counsel on matters ranging from agreements relating to Sponsored Fund and managed account investments to due diligence inquiries and requests for proposal. Members of the Legal group have experience in regulations such as the Investment Advisers Act of 1940, the Investment Company Act of 1940, the Securities Act of 1933, the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, the Commodity Exchange Act, the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 and the Internal Revenue Code as well as various rules and regulations in non-U.S. jurisdictions.

  • The Marketing team is responsible for brand management, corporate communications, digital strategy, design and signature events for the firm. Our goal is to raise the firm’s visibility and obtain and retain clients, using our global communications platform to address all investment strategies, regions and client channels. We seek to deliver the most effective, innovative and scalable ways to express the traits that set AQR apart: our close ties to leading academic institutions, investment capabilities, client solutions and industry expertise. Marketing is part of AQR’s Business Development department, a growing group of 90 employees dedicated to excellence in client service.

  • Operations is responsible for supporting the various trading, investment and reporting activities of the firm. The core mission of the Operations group is to establish scalable investment workflows, ensure a controlled operating environment and deliver high-quality client service to both internal and external business relationships. In addition to supporting primary investment related activities, the groups assist in the design and implementation of firm-wide projects, operational due diligence, counterparty management and client-related activities.

  • The Portfolio Financing team manages the firm’s financing relationships, the structure of its portfolio financing and the oversight of its costs. It also develops new financing sources.

  • General-assignment research analysts participate in a variety of integral business functions, including research, data analysis, portfolio optimization, risk management and programming. Analysts gain hands-on experience in quantitative research as well as the opportunity to become familiar with quantitative asset management and the investment philosophy that drives AQR. Analysts collaborate in developing and maintaining trading strategies for the firm.

  • Risk management works with the Risk Committee to oversee the design and production of risk reports, and to analyze risk issues and partners with other departments to encourage best practices in risk management. The independent risk manager has authority to set risk limits, order pro rata position reductions for drawdown control, trade overlay strategies for exposure control and must approve new or changed strategies, models, security types and trading venues.

  • Talent Strategies partners with our business teams to support the needs of a growing and evolving organization. This is achieved by delivering high-quality, customized learning and development and performance management programs that continuously challenge and stimulate intellectual curiosity. Attracting, educating, cultivating and rewarding top performers ensure AQR will remain a world class organization. Seeking and retaining top talent is how we achieve this goal and, as a team, how we contribute to the firm's success. 

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