People Who Thrive @ AQR

People Who Thrive @ AQR

… intensely curious

Intellectual dexterity is a common trait at AQR. It drives our ability to ask difficult questions and challenge even long-held assumptions. You’ll find that everyone here, whatever their role, understands that although there is a rarely a perfect solution, there is always a best solution.

… analytical and process-driven

At AQR, we insist on having fundamental economic explanations for why our models did well in the past and why we expect them to do well over the long term. Performance alone isn’t enough. If we don’t understand the intrinsic rationale, we don’t invest.

… open about everything

The strategies by which we invest are described in lectures, presentations and white papers. Our analyses and methodologies are transparent. In our experience, investors who understand not only what we do, but how and why we do it, are our most enduring clients.

… collaborative by nature

The global financial markets are incredibly complex, and no one person is going to have all the answers. The steady growth of AQR is testament to our belief in the power of partnership: diverse, talented, motivated individuals working together, to the collective success of all involved.