What We Do

Investment Vehicles

AQR strategies are available to a variety of investors through an array of investment vehicles, from offshore limited partnerships to mutual funds.

Institutional Investment Vehicles

Separate Managed Accounts (SMAs)

SMAs are portfolios tailored for individual clients’ unique risk and return appetites. They can include — or exclude — particular strategies, asset classes, industries or individual securities, as desired. SMAs also offer investors the tax advantages of directly owning individual securities.

Private Funds

Also called “commingled funds,” private funds include limited partnerships and other pools of capital that are invested according to particular strategies or in specific baskets of assets.

Collective Investment Trusts (CITs)

CITs are pools of capital invested in a variety of assets and run by a trustee. In general, each CIT is exclusive to a particular pension plan and is available only to participants in that plan. CITs are similar to mutual funds, but have different fee structures and reporting requirements. This is because CITs, as a form of bank trust, are governed by different laws than mutual funds.

Registered Funds

U.S. Mutual Funds

We make many of our strategies accessible to individual investors through AQR-sponsored mutual funds; we also serve as subadvisor on funds sponsored by other companies.


We make many of our strategies accessible in Europe through AQR-sponsored UCITS, which are open-ended funds that are regulated by certain EU member nations; we also subadvise UCITS sponsored by others. Our UCITS are available on our own platform as well as those of other large providers.

Australian Funds

We offer several strategies for investors in Australia. These strategies are available in registered managed investment schemes that are regulated by the Australian Securities & Investments Commission. Our funds are made available to investors via direct application and through select platforms.

  • AQR does not provide legal, tax or accounting advice. Investors should conduct his or her own analysis and consult with professional advisors prior to making any investment decisions.