Who We Are

Throughout AQR, you will find accomplished academics, many of whom maintain their affiliations with the world’s leading universities. Approximately half of our employees hold advanced degrees.* We are deeply connected to the global academic community and are proud to offer financial support.

The AQR Asset Management Institute at The London Business School

Established in 2015 to promote excellence in asset management and long-term wealth creation and preservation for both individuals and societies. Annual grants and awards for excellence to students and rising scholars.

The AQR Insight Award

An annual $100,000 award honoring unpublished papers that provide the most significant investment insights and most innovative approaches to the real-world challenges that investors face.

Georgetown Center for Retirement Initiatives

Promotes retirement security of American families by developing and promoting public policy which will expand the availability and effectiveness of retirement solutions. 

AQR Top Finance Graduate Award at The Copenhagen Business School

Recognizes the Ph.D. graduates in financial economics whose research carries the greatest potential impact.

* as of December 31, 2015