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Limited Arbitrage in Equity Markets

This paper examines impediments to arbitrage in equity markets using a sample of 82 situations between 1985 and 2000.

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Arbitrage: A Brief Introduction

Arbitrage strategies use relative-value trades to generate potential excess returns with attractive risk profiles. We offer a brief introduction to arbitrage, including descriptions of several common strategies and an overview of historical performance.

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Arbitrage Crashes and the Speed of Capital

Modern finance theory rests on the ability of arbitrageurs to ensure that substantially similar assets trade at substantially similar prices.

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Characteristics of Risk and Return in Risk Arbitrage

After the announcement of a merger or acquisition, the target company’s stock typically trades at a discount to the price offered by the acquiring company.

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The Limits of Convertible Bond Arbitrage

Convertible bond arbitrage suffered abysmally after the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008. This case study looks at how these strategies can break down in times of crisis, and the opportunities they offer in the aftermath.


Merger Arbitrage

How does one regulate systemic risk in the financial sector? We propose charging each financial firm a tax based on its expected loss during a systemic crisis.


CNH Partners Cofounder Todd Pulvino Presents Diversified Arbitrage Strategy

Todd Pulvino, a co-founder of AQR's arbitrage affiliate, CNH Partners, was asked to talk about the firm's Diversified Arbitrage Strategy at meeting of retirement specialists in Merrill Lynch's Global Wealth & Retirement Solutions division in Naples, Florida, on February 6.

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The Limits to Arbitrage and the Low-Volatility Anomaly

Researchers have found that a strategy of buying prior low volatility stocks and selling prior high volatility risk stocks has historically generated substantial abnormal returns in the U.S.

Comomentum: Inferring Arbitrage Activity From Return Correlations

2014 HONORABLE MENTION Dong Lou, Ph.D., and Christopher Polk, Ph.D.

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Price Pressure Around Mergers

It has been well documented that when companies use stock as the currency in a takeover, the acquiring company’s share price tends to fall between –2% and –3% around the time a deal is announced.