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Data Set

How Do Factor Premia Vary Over Time? A Century of Evidence, Factor Data Monthly

This is the updated data set related to the paper “How Do Factor Premia Vary Over Time? A Century of Evidence,” in which we examine four prominent factor premia – value, momentum, carry, and defensive – over a century from six asset classes.

Data Set

The Devil in HML's Details: Factors, Daily

We have updated and extended our data set for “The Devil in HML’s Details” (Asness and Frazzini, 2013). We include long/short HML Devil returns for the U.S. and 23 international equity markets updated monthly.

Data Set

Value and Momentum Everywhere: Portfolios, Monthly

We have updated our data set for our paper “Value and Momentum Everywhere,” in which we find consistent value and momentum return premia across eight diverse markets and asset classes, and a common factor structure among their returns.

AQR Wins ‘Quantitative Hedge Fund Manager of the Year’ Award from Institutional Investor

AQR was awarded “Quantitative Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” at the Institutional Investor 20th Annual Hedge Fund Industry Awards. The awards were presented at a ceremony in New York City on May 11, 2023.

White Paper

Re-Emerging Equities

The expected premium for investing in emerging versus developed equity markets is on the upper end of its past 25-year range. At the same time, many of the risks historically associated with emerging markets have secularly declined. We believe there is a strong case for investors to “re-up” their emerging allocations.

Bloomberg TV Interviews Cliff Asness

In a Bloomberg TV interview, AQR Managing Principal Cliff Asness discussed value’s continued outperformance, the still low expected returns for traditional assets, the benefits of liquid alternatives and more.

Quick Takes

Top Three Investment Ideas to Consider for 2023


Watch a Quick Take on our Portfolio Solutions Group’s top three investment ideas for 2023. 


Holding Our Breadth

Regular readers probably noticed I’ve been talking a lot about value lately. While I’m all for shining the spotlight onto the value dislocation, my colleagues also continue to produce a great breadth of research worth adding to your non-value-reading-list. I preview some of my recent favorites. 

White Paper

Value: Why Now? Capturing the Comeback in Its Early Innings

Value has delivered attractive long-term returns but has also weathered difficult short-term periods. While these times are painful for investors, the subsequent recoveries are lucrative for those that stick with the factor. We summarize the evidence for why we believe long/short value continues to be an exceptional go-forward opportunity and how investors can adapt their portfolios accordingly.


The Bubble Has Not Popped

This post updates our value spread with data through the end of 2022. The fourth quarter of 2022 saw value recover from the bout of temporary insanity that gripped some portion of the market over the summer, but the spread ends 2022 very much still in rarified territory – at the 94th percentile, to be precise. More excitingly for 2023, value’s returns in 2022 were extremely strong, and the spread only moved from roughly the 100th percentile to the 94th, which makes us very optimistic about the prospects of continued normalization in 2023 and beyond.