Silly Things Investors Do

Topics - Behavioral Finance

In this inaugural episode of The Curious Investor, an all-star lineup walks listeners through some of the most common biases that creep into our investment decisions. The University of Chicago’s Richard Thaler, who won the 2017 Nobel Prize in Economics and is the author of Misbehaving: The Making of Behavioral Economics, was one of the first people to study what we now refer to as behavioral economics. He shares some of his most surprising (and controversial) insights. Hosts Dan Villalon and Gabe Feghali are also joined by another behavioral economist, Nicholas Barberis, professor of finance at the Yale School of Management. He brings insight into how people react when facing decision-making and risk. And finally AQR Principal Toby Moskowitz, who is also the Dean Takahashi Professor of Finance and Economics at Yale University, explains why we hate to lose what we own so much that it sometimes seeps into our decision making.